Best Strategy Games on Steam That Deserve More Attention

Many players love best strategy games of all time that allow players to manage groups of characters or consider their decisions prior to making the actions. Strategies games aren’t just entertaining, they offer an amount of difficulty which can have players repeatedly re-trying and adjusting their strategy to ensure that they succeed on a particular quest or at a certain level.

Steam, a digital distribution firm Steam gives players an array of strategy games to play. But, with the number of games being added to the platform every day, some good strategy games get lost and don’t get the attention they deserve. These are games that are worth gamers playing something different than the Civilization series as well as Dota 2..

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga

People who are fans from Star Wars and the Star Wars franchise may have played this classic previously, however many are unaware that it’s also located within the Steam Store page providing players with the complete Battlegrounds Saga.

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds is set in both the prequel and the original film trilogy ,where players get to lead the many forces and units who participated in battles across the galaxy. The game lets players be in charge of the units like Wookies and The Trade Federation, the Rebel Alliance and much more in this strategy game that is real-time. game.

Rusted Warfare

Another fantastic real-time strategy title includes Rusted Warfare This top-down independent strategy game is inspired by the RTS”old school by resembling its art deco style with an old-fashioned sound design. It blends this with contemporary strategies to let players participate in epic battles that play smoothly regardless of the number of explosions that are occurring.

Players can take a break from creating games in the sandbox all on their own and play with other players by participating in the matchmaking feature that has ten players. This allows players to engage in more intense battles as they test their strategies against other players.

X-COM: UFO Defense

A lot of fans of the genre of strategy have probably played at most one or two games in the XCOM franchise. But, few have been able to go all the way to the start of the franchise.

With UFO Defense, players not just experience the 1993 graphics from the game, but also the nostalgic soundtrack of sci-fi and the good alien AI that can surprise you with its toughest game. While X-COM does not have every bell and whistle that it does in the present, the game lets players study the technology of aliens and tailor their troops to suit their personal preferences.

Total Annihilation

Moving back further back into the past the 1997 blockbuster The Total Annihilation is a film that brings not just nostalgic moments but also, as its title suggests, massive destruction in real-time combat. Battles are played in a variety of landscapes and terrains, with a variety of types of units that can be used in pixilated war.

The game is based on the fascinating concept of a futuristic, technologically advanced world which was once controlled by artificial intelligent beings and humans, known as “the core,” players can choose from an array of futuristic vehicles and ships available for make use of against their enemies.

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Heroes Of Might & Magic 5: Tribes of The East

Fantasy is also a good number of games that are strategy-oriented including Heroes of Might & Magic is no exception because it gave players the chance at first to gain control of the faction of orcs in the battle to the east. This strategy is based on turn-based play. players use their units of orcs to explore and conquer the land on the map, while also revealing an unsettling plot that the orcs need to assist in resolving.

The game’s approach goes further than battle as players can also construct and run cities to fund their armies and boost the spirits of their citizens.

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